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The Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation is dedicated to economic development in Randolph County, Monroe County, Howard County and Moberly Missouri. We also promote Missouri economic development efforts state wide


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The Moberly Area >

Proudly Serving: Moberly, Randolph County, Monroe County and Howard County. Located in Missouri near the population mean of the US. Our area is at nexus of major highways, railways, and rivers. more>

Key Factors
for choosing our area >

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    Missouri's labor force is rated as one of the best in the country by an independent university.

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    CNBC ranked Missouri’s business costs 3rd lowest of any state in 2011.

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    The Moberly Area is near the population mean of the USA and major transport routes.

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    We have great schools, universities, health care, and diverse recreation opportunities.

  • Key Transport

    Multi-modal transportation network to serve the global marketplace.

  • Key Training

    Customized training programs to ensure a steady source of qualified workers.

  • Key Incentives

    Relevant incentives to support growth and enhance profitability.

case studies>

Addison Labs :: Bio Tech

Addison Labs is a bio tech company that chose to locate in Howard County Missouri.

Monnig Industries :: Galvanizing

Monnig Industries has been in Howard County for three generations, and has a great labor force.

Lakeside Casting Solutions :: Die Casting

Lakeside continues to grow with the help of MAEDC.

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AmCham a Key to Foreign Investment in our Area


China is the United States' number two trading partner according to the US Census Bureau statistics. With over $259 billion dollars in trade in the past year. The Rhodium Group, which tracks investment from China in the US, reports that there has been over 16.2 billion invested in the US by China in the past year. Missouri has attracted 4 such deals worth up to half a billion dollars in investment.

We at the MAEDC expect to be leading the pack in attracting foreign investment from China and around the world to our local economy. That is why we are active members of AmCham China (American Chamber of Commerce in China). AmCham is a non-profit organization which represents US companies and individuals doing business in China. We are active members of AmCham, and have participated in several Overseas Investment Fairs in China, and have been called on to present on behalf of the US embassy in such events.

This relationship assists our local businesses to maintain and build trade relationships with China and vice versa. It promotes our area as a leading candidate for Chinese investment, and it gives us greater understanding of what it takes to compete and succeed on the global stage of business. This also, makes the personal contacts necessary to make things happen, and to keep our area in front of active business investors.

This relationship is highly strategic for our area. We expect to be in the know when it comes to international trade, and in fact we are a leading force and player on this stage. Our AmCham partnership is an important aspect of our international investment strategy.

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