The MAEDC Region Workforce is robust and diverse, ready to serve a variety of industry and business sectors. Our region is a net labor magnet, drawing in workers from outside of the three county area. It has a diverse skill set from, highly technical workers to skilled labor, to entry level labor. We have one of the lowest cost of labor in the United States and Missouri.
We have recent reports to verify the data from a supply side and a demand side. Reports that include primary research data, with granular information for potential and current employers.


Video Infographics of Labor Quality
Video Infographics of Available Labor
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 Training Our Workforce

We have several major universities and colleges helping to make our workforce even better than we already are. Training our next generation and industrious older students in skills that help your business be 

as good as we are — the best. Our local colleges work with industry to tailor-make training programs specific for their industry.

Custom Training Video
University Training
Community College Training
Technical School Training

Work Ready Certification

Missouri’s CWRC initiative is a voluntary effort to align workforce and education to meet the economic needs of the state and local communities. It is guided by key community leaders (elected officials, economic development, business leaders, chambers of commerce, educators and workforce development, in each county).

Missouri’s vision for the Certified Work Ready Communities is to attract, retain, and develop a workforce with education and fundamental skills-Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Locating Information- to succeed in the 21st Century.

Missouri’s effort for Work Ready Communities will result in strengthening existing businesses, attracting new businesses, growing jobs, and developing a strong talent pipeline for the state’s future growth nationally and globally.  For more information, please visit the Missouri Work Ready Communities website.

Randolph County was awarded Work Ready Certification in 2016 by then Governer Nixon. Howard County and Monroe County are also participating in the program and as of Jan 2017 they were at 86% and 52% of completion.

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