Which Employers Are Helping Millennials Repay Their Student Loans?

While Gen X and Boomers often considered pension plans, 401(k)’s, and health insurance among the most important benefits when choosing a job, millennial employees are looking for companies with student loan repayment programs. Today's employment landscape resulted from a crippling student debt crisis: $37,172 on average, for a 2016 graduate. Knowing this, it’s no surprise that, in a 2015 Iontuition survey, 80% of respondents said they would like to work for a company that offers student loan repayment assistance. In addition, about half of respondents said they’d prefer the help with their student loans over 401(k) contributions. Is This A Bleeding Edge Benefit? There are only a handful of c

New Soybean Company to Schedule Investor Meetings

New Soybean Company to Schedule Investor Meetings More meetings planned for MoberlyNaturalCrush investors/farmers MOBERLY: MoberlyNaturalCrush, which has been awarded $1.5 million in Producer Tax Credits, will hold local meetings for prospective investors on Wednesday, June 7, and Thursday, June 8. Investor-Ag Producers will receive an immediate tax credit of between 38%-to-50% of their initial investment. The company was approved for an allocation of New Generation Cooperative Tax Credits by the Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority. The proposed company will re-tool an existing soybean processing facility in Moberly and process non-GMO and organic soybeans. The com

The Kelly Hotel Redevelopment Project

ADVERTISEMENT FOR REDEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE FOR CITY OWNED VACANT PROPERTIES AT 109 N CLARK STREET AND 223 N WILLIAMS STREETThe City of Moberly desires to promote and incentivize downtown redevelopment of city-owned properties in the downtown area. Redevelopment of these vacant/unoccupied properties is a priority and the City will be accepting proposals for renovation on properties located at 109 N Clark Street (Former Kelly Hotel) and 223 N Williams Street (Former Post Office and Court House). Proposals may be submitted to construct infill development or renovation of existing vacant structures that are appropriate for the existing zoning district. The City realizes that the properties have

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