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Census Profile - Howard County
Census Profile - Randolph County
County Data Sheets
Division of Energy

Energy efficiency programs.

Downtown Moberly Community Improvement District (CID, aka Depot District) Economic Development Incentives

Rent buy down program (leasing assistance program), sales tax rebate program, property tax rebate program, and pitch pool program (gap financing).

Fayette/Howard County Labor Commuting Certification Report 

Missouri Department of Economic Development

State and local incentives for new/expansion opportunities.

Missouri Enterprise

Provides effective manufacturing, engineering and business optimization services affordably, in a timely manner and with a strong positive return on investment.

Missouri Northeast Labor Supply Certification Report

Missouri Procurement Technical Assistance

Assists businesses in obtaining federal, state and local government contracts.

Missouri Source Link

One-stop resource database
for assistance to new and growing businesses.

Missouri Technology Corporation

Funding to invest in early-stage, high growth tech companies.

Missouri Works Training Programs

Funding assistance when companies need to upgrade worker skills.

MO Business Portal

Single point of entry for business registration, filings, licenses, and permits for doing business in the state of Missouri.

MO Export Portal

International trade assistance, educates companies in the export process, assists in identifying buyers in foreign countries, and provides funding to businesses to assist them in export marketing.

Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation (MAEDC)
Moberly/Randolph County Labor Commuting Certification Report
MU Extension

Business and workforce assistance.

SBA Guaranteed Loan Programs
SBDC Business Counseling and Training

Provides professional business analysis, confidential business consultations, and business education seminars in conjunction with MAEDC, and MU Extension.



Volunteer business mentors.

Site Selector Packet

USDA Rural Development Services & Guaranteed Loan Programs
Workforce Development Programs/Career Centers

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