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Purpose :: Provide local incentive programs for new or expanding businesses in Moberly, Randolph County, Howard County.

Eligibility :: Local incentive programs are discretionary. Eligibility varies with individual programs and is based on the company’s core business operations.

Funding Limits :: Funding limits are determined based upon the project’s minimum capital investment, number of new jobs created and level of employee compensation.

Application/Approval Procedures :: MAEDC must first offer program benefits in the form of a formal proposal.  The company must return the accepted proposal within 90-days of the proposal date.  All incentives must be approved prior to the start of construction, purchase of equipment or hiring of new personnel.

Incentives (for qualifying projects):

  • Missouri Works: Moberly, Randolph County, Paris, Monroe City, Monroe County, Howard County

  • Real and Personal Property Tax Abatements

  • Low Cost/No Cost Land Options

  • Build to Suit Scenario/Bond Financing

  • Waiver of Municipal Fees & Charges

  • Negotiable Local Utilities

  • Streamlined Permitting Process

  • Sales & Use Tax Abatements on Building Materials and Equipment

  • Assistance with Infrastructure Improvements

  • Foreign Trade Zone Program

  • HUBZone Program

  • USDA/SBA Loan Guarantee Programs

  • New Market Tax Credit Financing Program

  • Customized Training Opportunities

  • Incentives Coordination and Assistance

  • Facilitation of Permitting Process and Approvals

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