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Celebrate Economic Development Week With Us!

Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation Announces Recognition of 2023 Economic Development Week

The international event will highlight local efforts to increase the quality of life in every community over the course of May 8 to May 12, 2023

MOBERLY, MISSOURI – Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation (MAEDC) marks the week of May 8 to May 12, 2023, as the next Economic Development Week. During this week, communities across North America will celebrate and recognize the contributions made by professional economic developers to create more economically vibrant and livable communities.

Created in 2016 by International Economic Development Council (IEDC), the largest international professional trade association for economic developers, Economic Development Week aims to increase awareness for local programs that create jobs, advance career development opportunities, and improve the quality of life in communities everywhere.

Pictured: Moberly Mayor Tim Brubaker presents a plaque declaring May 8-12th Economic Development Week to the MAEDC staff

“As local and regional economies evolve, the role of economic developers and development organizations are crucial in energizing, preparing, and promoting local economic growth,” says IEDC President & CEO Nathan Ohle. “The 2023 Economic Development Week will recognize, distinguish, and show appreciation for the innovation and leadership of our community leaders building an equitable, sustainable, resilient, and inclusive future. I hope communities everywhere will join us in celebrating the accomplishments and important work economic developers perform in their communities year-round.”

The Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation (MAEDC) is a non-profit organization that focuses on promoting economic growth in the Moberly, Missouri region. Founded in 1988, MAEDC serves as the primary economic development organization for the city of Moberly and surrounding communities.

MAEDC's mission is to create jobs, increase investment, and improve the quality of life for residents of the region. The organization accomplishes this by working with businesses, community leaders, and government officials to provide a range of services that help companies expand or relocate to the area.

MAEDC's services include site selection assistance, access to financing and incentives, workforce development programs, and business retention and expansion services. The organization also works to promote the region's assets and attract new businesses and investment through marketing and outreach efforts.

"Over the years, MAEDC has helped numerous companies establish or expand their operations in the region, creating jobs and contributing to the area's economic vitality," says Randy Asbury, MAEDC President. "The organization has also played a key role in developing several industrial parks and other infrastructure projects that have helped attract investment and support business growth."

MAEDC is governed by a board of directors composed of business and community leaders from the region. The organization is funded through a combination of public and private sources, including membership dues, grants, and contributions from local governments and businesses.

About Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation

Established in 1988 to promote growth and investment in Moberly and Randolph County, MAEDC is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, public/private partnership that supports new investment in the area to increase the quality of life of our citizens. In 2013, Howard County joined, and today the organization represents a two-county partnership. MAEDC is the economic development provider for Howard County through a partnership with the Howard County Economic Development Council.

The MAEDC promotes economic investment within Randolph and Howard counties by retaining and expanding existing businesses, new business attraction, community development, and entrepreneurial development. These investments lead to new jobs, an increased tax base for taxing jurisdictions and municipalities, diversification of the local economy, and a higher overall standard of living.

About the International Economic Development Council

The International Economic Development Council (IEDC) is a non-profit membership organization serving economic developers. With more than 4,300 members, IEDC is the largest organization of its kind. Economic developers promote economic well-being and quality of life for their communities, by creating, retaining and expanding jobs that facilitate growth, enhance wealth and provide a stable tax base. From public to private, rural to urban, and local to international, IDCs members are engaged in the full range of economic development experience. Given the breadth of economic development work, our members are employed in a wide variety of settings including local, state, provincial and federal governments, public-private partnerships, chambers of commerce, universities and a variety of other institutions. IEDC’s members create high-quality jobs, develop vibrant communities and improve the quality of life in their regions.


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