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Moberly became known as “The Magic City”, springing from the prairie in the late 1800’s as the railroad moved west. Today, the Norfolk/Southern line remains a large part of Moberly’s business climate, running from Kansas City, Chicago, and St. Louis through the Moberly yards.


Moberly, the largest city in Randolph County, is located near the center of the state, almost equally distanced between Kansas City and St. Louis.


Four-lane US Highway 63 runs from the Iowa border south through Columbia allowing easy access to Interstate 70 and four-lane US Highway 36 creating the competitive advantage for Moberly’s businesses allowing for just-in-time delivery to the entire nation.


Moberly currently has building space as well shovel-ready sites available for new or expanding industry.

Build your dreams in


  • 18+ Surrounding communities to draw business from

  • 50,000+ Households

  • Located near US Highway 63 & 24

  • ACT Work Ready Community

  • Aggressive Incentive Programs

  • Access to Historic Tax Credits

  • Annual community events to draw business downtown

  • Active & engaged Chamber of Commerce

Labor Data

The MAEDC Region Workforce is robust and diverse, ready to serve a variety of industry and business sectors. Our region is a net labor magnet, drawing in workers from outside of the two-county area. It has a diverse skill set from, highly technical workers to skilled labor, to entry-level labor.


We have one of the lowest cost of labor in the United States and Missouri. We have recent reports to verify the data from a supply side and a demand side. Reports that include primary research data, with granular information for potential and current employers.

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