Bubba's Burger Bar & Egg Emporium, Moberly

January 3, 2019


Owner: Angela Taylor

Angie has owned and operated this restaurant for the past 17 years; she started in May 2001. The reason Angie wants to sell now is strictly personal. The owner’s children are out of college and she is ready for a new adventure.

Bubba’s is located at 213 N 5th Street in Moberly.

When people are hungry for a quick-service breakfast or lunch, Bubba’s provides them a quality meal. Bubba’s is an alternative to fast food. There is also a social aspect to Bubba’s. The restaurant is setup as a diner with a U-shaped bar. If customers are on their own for lunch, they don’t have to sit by themselves to eat. Customers talk to people who sit beside them or across from them. This provides a sense of community that is otherwise lacking in some peoples’ lives. Patrons discuss world problems and current events around the bar.

Bubba’s serves a variety of customers. The main customer segments that frequent this restaurant are downtown professionals, blue-collar workers, and self-employed people. Families and small groups of friends also eat there.



Bubba’s focuses on homemade food, and sources as much food locally as possible. Most entrees are made from scratch, the employees patty the hamburgers, food is fresh instead of frozen in most cases, eggs are free-range, and bacon and sausage are made locally. The restaurant focuses on quality at a competitive price.

Regarding service, you don’t have to look around and wonder where your waitress is. She’s right there in front of you. It’s like serving food to a big family. Everyone sits close to each other and the employees prepare the food only a few feet away from the bar.

Current hours are Monday-Friday 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Bubba’s accepts cash, check, and card.

Angela Taylor is the sole proprietor. She has three people work for her in this business, two are full time and one is part time. The three employees and their roles are: waitresses; and dishwashing staff, and a cook. Angela does most of the cooking. She also does catering off site.

Bubba’s is profitable and has a healthy net margin.

Angie owns the building as well. Besides Bubba’s, the building has other businesses and a rental apartment. She will sell the building and the business. The cash flow from rent from the rental apartment and the other businesses will be of great help to the new owner/operator.

The sale of the business includes inventory and all equipment. For Bubba’s and the building, Angie is asking for $200,000.

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