Generous incentives are available from local, state and federal governments to encourage new investment in the MAEDC Region. Incentives range from refundable and saleable tax credits to abatement and low cost land options; and can make a huge difference in your overall cost of business. There are literally hundreds of options available, so feel free to contact us (660) 263 8811 to help you determine what you are qualified for, or feel free to browse the information we have provided here.

  • State Incentives: Incentives provided from the state of Missouri.

  • Local Incentives: Incentives from the local counties and municipalities.

  • HUBZone: A federal program that qualifies you for deference in government contracts.

  • Missouri Works

  • REDL REDG: USDA loan program for communities under 2,500. For telecom, computer network and job creation.