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MAEDC Endorses Proposition S

Moberly, MO – Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation announced today that the Board of Directors and staff wholeheartedly endorse the no increase property tax initiative of the Moberly Public Schools known as Proposition S. If approved by voters Prop S will allow the Moberly Public Schools to make nearly $9.5 million in renovations and improvements that will include every building in the district.

According to MAEDC President Corey Mehaffy, the relationship between his organization and the Moberly Public Schools is vital for economic development. Mehaffy added, “It is critical in today’s global economy that our students have access to the latest technologies and learning opportunities and that we provide a safe and secure learning environment for our students to apply themselves. Today’s students are tomorrow’s workforce which is the lifeblood of our businesses in the area. This is one reason why MAEDC endorsed the original Prop S in 2011 and why we fully endorse this latest initiative to improve the quality of our facilities in the community.”

The Prop S initiative will provide the necessary funding to increase security at each of the buildings in the district by creating secured access. Additional items include improvements to the Fine Arts Wing as well as additional classrooms at North Park and South Park eliminating the need for temporary classroom trailers. In addition, the scope of work will include repairs to exterior brick, roof replacements and upgrades to HVAC and electrical systems.

MAEDC Board Chair Les Keleher added, “The continued education of our students is important for their career path as well as our ability to develop the next generation of our workforce. It is incumbent upon us to provide the best learning opportunities in a safe and secure environment.”

Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation works to promote financial investment in Randolph, Monroe and Howard Counties. For more information on the organization, please visit their website at

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