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MAEDC Region Commuting Labor Report Now Available

A Labor Commuting Certification Report has been prepared by MAEDC and is available for present and future employers in the MAEDC region. Through beautiful graphics and easy to follow charts and summaries organizations can track the commuting labor, resident labor, age and education of the workforce, and the average incomes of the area.

"The focus is to show MAEDC as a leading labor magnet in the 20-mile radius and to identify the sources, destinations, and characteristics of the workforce and where they live and work."

View the top employing fields of the area, explore the workforce of the region, and strategize with the power of real data and analysis . Here is a sneak peak into the results of the study: MAEDC is a labor market with an employed workforce of 14,212 with an inflow of 6,469 workers from outside of MAEDC. The 20-mile radius laborshed or labor market has en employed workforce of 147,685 with an outflow of 42,924 resident workers to areas outside the 20-mile radius.

This report was produced for MAEDC by The Growth Services Group a national workforce research

and consulting firm.

Click here to download the report.

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