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Market Street Floral, Fresh New Look -- Same Great Service

MOBERLY AREA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION announced today that Kiersten O’Dell, owner of Silverlight Marketing Group, has purchased Market Street Floral from current owner Stephanie Fuemmeler. Market Street Floral is located at 111 Market Street in Glasgow, MO and currently has two employees.

O’Dell has big plans for the shop moving forward and customers will see some of those ideas implemented immediately as she freshens up the inventory as well as adds several new items including quilting kits. O’Dell added, "When I started on this adventure of entrepreneurship with Silverlight Marketing Group I never dreamed I would be considering a second business, but that is the exact position I found myself in recently. When I was presented with the opportunity to purchase Market Street Floral and become the owner of not just one small business, but two something in my heart told me it was the right thing to do.”

O’Dell decided to speak with MAEDC’s Corey Mehaffy and SBTDC’s Darrell Hampsten to seek counsel. O’Dell added,” So I called Corey Mehaffy with MAEDC because after working with him for three years on the Grow Mid-Missouri team I hold his advice and business knowledge in the highest regard. He was more than generous with his time and advice helping throughout the process from the first talks to the final paperwork. So as of the end of September I will be the very excited and proud owner of Market Street Floral!"

“Market Street Floral has been an important part of the Glasgow business environment since its inception in 2001”, said Mayor Fred Foley. “The business has been for sale for several months. We are grateful that Kiersten made the decision to make this investment and we are happy to welcome her to Glasgow.”

According to MAEDC’s Howard County Board Representative Kirk Biere, the project was a collaborative effort involving several organizations. Biere went on to add, “This project is another example of the public and private sectors working together to create investment and promote growth in our area. I would like to thank Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation, Howard County Economic Development Council and MACC’s Small Business Technology Development Cetner for their willingness to partner with us to bring this project to reality in Glasgow.”

MAEDC President Corey Mehaffy added, “Market Street Floral is a recognized brand in Howard County and it was important for us to do everything we could to ensure that this business would continue to operate in Glasgow. Kiersten is a talented entrepreneur and we are excited to support her in this project.”

Mehaffy added that the Grow Mid-Missouri entrepreneurial program is a tremendous asset with access to resources to support entrepreneurship in the MAEDC Region. Mehaffy went on to say, “Both Market Street Floral and Silverlight Marketing Group are great examples of successful entrepreneurship and make a great case of why we should be supporting entrepreneurship in our communities.”

O’Dell, a coordinator in the GMM program also added, “I have seen the impact we have been able to have to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. I got to experience our team’s wealth of knowledge from the other side of the table with the recent purchase of Market Street Floral. I received financial advice, business set-up and contract assistance throughout the process. I have also been able to bounce ideas and business plans off of team members to get their opinions and suggestions. I know with the continued support and help of this group I will be able to reach all of my goals and push through those hard times that every business faces.”

O’Dell added that starting and growing a business takes courage and determination. She went on to say, “When I told friend of mine about my new business venture she commented on how much courage it takes to start something new and that she is always amazed at my bravery. After thinking about that comment a little I realized that it is easy to be brave when you have a network of mentors, advisors, friends and most importantly family that support you in all of your dreams. Through my work with Grow Mid-Missouri I have developed a network of business advisors and mentors that I can call on at any time to get advice or help on any project big or small.”

O’Dell has scheduled a Fall Open House on October 10th & 11th. For more details visit the MAEDC Facebook page at O’Dell also provided a “sneak peak” into what’s coming next for the shop; new merchandise including a new candle line, new gift items and quilting kits. For more information contact the store today at (660) 338-2300.

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