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MFA OIL Announces New Development in Moberly

Moberly, MO – The Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation is pleased to announce that Break Time, a division of MFA Oil, has committed to developing a fueling station and retail location on the intersection of Highway M and 63. The development will incl

ude a restaurant, convenience store, fuel pumps, as well as parking stalls and amenities for semi-trucks.

Although MFA Oil’s corporate operations in the Moberly Area Industrial Park are relatively new, their presence has already been felt and their footprint is set to get even larger. On the former site of a residential home and commercial garage, Break Time will construct a new location with an estimated investment of three million dollars. The retail facility will be 6,000 square feet and will employ 16 people in both full time and part time positions. The restaurant on the premises will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Final negotiations for the restaurant tenant are ongoing and should be finalized shortly. In addition to the Highway M facility, Break Time will also remodel their current location on Highway 24. Renovations are planned to be underway soon.

“Break Time has had a presence in Moberly for over 20 years with locations on Highway 24 and South Morley Street,” states Curtis Chaney, senior vice president of retail operations for MFA Oil. “We are extremely excited about this new location and all that it can offer to the community and the Highway 63 commuters. It will be the largest Break Time to date in terms of square footage.”

Retail growth on Highway M is a welcome development according to Bob Riley, Mayor of Moberly. “In our community, the intersection of Highway M and 63 is a natural place for this type of development. We are pleased to strengthen our relationship with MFA Oil and are thankful for their continued support of Moberly.” The new Break Time will serve to benefit the city in several ways. The construction of the building will create significant new tax dollars and provide employment for 16 people. In addition, this large format Break Time location will also alleviate Moberly’s shortage of semi-truck parking. Currently, semi-trucks are forced to find parking in the limited spaces available, including using the parking lot at the Walmart Supercenter. The new additional parking will lessen the burden on Walmart and other locations, and provide semi-truck drivers with a more comfortable atmosphere. “We are thankful for the willingness of MFA Oil to assist Moberly and Randolph County with one of our persistent concerns,” said Corey Mehaffy, President of the Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation. “Their partnership with the City of Moberly and MAEDC has been invaluable to us and we look forward to another Break Time location in our community. MFA Oil’s corporate citizenship is an example to all, and we thank them for their continued investment in Moberly.” The Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation wishes to thank MFA Oil, Randy Adams Construction, The City of Moberly, and The Randolph County Commission. Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation works to promote financial investment in Randolph, Monroe and Howard Counties. For more information on the organization, please visit their website at

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