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Job Posting: Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation

Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation Job Posting

Job Title: Entrepreneurship Specialist, SBTDC Counselor

Deadline: February 15, 2019 at noon Date Posted: January 16, 2019

Salary: $40,000 - $50,000, 40 hours per week. Retirement and health benefits included.


Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation (MAEDC) proudly sponsors this position with Small Business Technology Development Center (SBTDC.) This position will report to the President of MAEDC, and the candidate will be employed by MAEDC. The position is funded through a grant from SBTDC primarily to support those services in Northeast Missouri.

The primary role of this position is to provide individualized and confidential business development counseling services to businesses and entrepreneurs. Business services provided include strategic planning, marketing, management, financial analysis, capital formation, technology development and commercialization, operations, human resources, business start-up and growth/sustainability, and other timely business-related topics. Broad knowledge of the principles and practices of business is required with familiarity of technology commercialization.

Minimum Qualifications

An earned bachelor’s degree with professional experience in business or business education. Sales and development experience are highly valued. Experience in operating, managing and owning a business, training, and/or consulting are helpful. Looking for a self-motivated, customer focused person comfortable with a results-oriented position. A successful candidate will be expected to meet and exceed performance metrics as dictated by SBTDC and maintain positive relationships with funding partners.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Business Assistance: Coach entrepreneurs and companies in starting, growing, and operating businesses.

  • Economic Development: Assist with initiatives of the economic development office as assigned.

  • Teach: Plan and deliver adult educational programs in business subject matters targeted to meet the local needs of the business community

  • Marketing and PR: Market educational programs and promote the mission of SBTDC/MAEDC to area leaders, and partner organizations/individuals.

  • Research and Scholarship: Keep up to date on business trends to create new and effective programs. Effectively translate knowledge into various mediums (including: published articles, social media posts, presentations at state and national conferences, etc.)

Necessary Outcomes and Tasks

  • Achieve goals in the areas of outcomes (economic impact), quantity (i.e. Number of clients, hours of counseling, capitalization, unique clients, etc.), quality, and stakeholder relations.

  • Develop and execute an annual plan of work aligned with local, regional and state objectives of the funding partners. Collaboratively work with supervisor and regional colleagues to establish goals that meet the needs of entrepreneurs and funders.

  • Ensure compliance with grant/contract and maintain fiscal accountability.

  • Manage internal expenses, such as, mileage, vehicle usage, meal expenses and travel

  • Complete required training and professional development as dictated by MAEDC and SBTDC

  • Document work with business clients and training attendees in a management information system.

  • Communicate and promote successes to key stakeholders

Critical Relationships

  • Develop relationships with mature businesses, technology transfer offices, college/university faculty, economic development organizations to identify value added opportunities.

  • Build strong relationships in the community and develop SBTDC services as a dependable asset

  • Develop partnerships to enhance programming success and add new services as needed

Professional Expectations

  • Regular travel in-state requiring a valid driver’s license and occasional out of state travel is required. Work evenings and weekends as needed to meet client demands.

  • Actively foster inclusion of diverse clients by delivering educational programs that represent the population diversity in the assigned counties.

  • Regularly demonstrate effective written and oral communication, public speaking, teaching, organizational, interpersonal, public relations, group facilitation, and technical skills to ensure high audience satisfaction and learning, as well as effective colleague relations.

  • Participate in interdisciplinary teams, committees and task forces to meet organizational needs.

  • Assume programmatic and administrative responsibilities as assigned.

  • Conduct all activities in accordance with the Civil Rights Acts, Title IX, Rehabilitation, Americans with Disabilities Act and local, state and region affirmative action plans.

Supervision Received

Direct supervision is received from MAEDC President. Guidance from SBTDC, will be from the SBTDC Central Regional Director. The individual must understand and meet the needs of the organizations that fund the position and provide timely reports to the funders. Performance evaluations will be conducted by MAEDC and MO SBTDC. Residency in the MAEDC Region is required.

How to Apply

Submit resume and cover letter by noon on February 15, 2019 to Please address letters to Michael Bugalski, Interim President. PDF preferred.

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