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MAEDC Newsletter | November 27, 2023

Missouri Association of Manufacturers Visits Moberly

Michael Eaton and Andrew LeGrand, representatives from the Missouri Association of Manufacturers (MAM), recently visited Moberly to tour the workshop of their newest member, Pepco, Inc. and learn more about the Missouri STEM Initiative (MSI). During the visit, they gained insights into the production process of the unique science tables commonly found in classrooms across the state. The Missouri Association of Manufacturers, a nonprofit and non-partisan organization, consists exclusively of Missouri manufacturers, and is committed to promoting, preserving, and advancing the manufacturing sector.

MAEDC’s Kaylee Paffrath, accompanied by Dave Patton, participated in the tour of Pepco and the Moberly Public Schools Phab Labs. During the visit, they emphasized the significance of STEM education and introduced the Missouri STEM Initiative to MAM. The tour commenced at Gratz Brown Elementary School's Phab Lab, where students were actively engaged in activities such as experimenting with robots, foregoing recess. Subsequently, the group proceeded to Moberly Middle School, where students were immersed in creating various items like gifts, games, bookmarks, and more.

The primary objective of the Missouri STEM Initiative is to facilitate educational opportunities that benefit the broader business community. Simultaneously, it involves advocating for the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to modernize its efforts, aiming to fundamentally alter the certification process for teachers in technical, industrial, and mechanical fields. If you wish to learn more about MSI, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to welcoming MAM back to the area very soon.



KWIXLand Business Spotlight: Jennings Premium Meats

This month's guest on the KWIX/KRES Employer Spotlight is Jason Jennings, the owner of Jennings Premium Meats in New Franklin, Missouri. Join Jason and Brad as they discuss how the business got its start and the current direction it is heading. PLUS, Jason provides an update on the newly launched website, where you can conveniently order the famous Pop’s Snack Sticks, proudly made right here in the heart of Missouri.


Missouri STEM Climate

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and STEM-Related occupations are some of the most in-demand and highest paying jobs in Missouri. The need for such employees is projected to grow about one and a half times more than the average for all occupations. The projected growth rate for STEM and STEM-Related occupations from 2020-2030 is 11.05 percent, while the statewide average growth rate for all occupations is 7.3 percent. By 2030, the total employment for STEM and STEM-Related occupations is expected to be more than 433,000, an increase of over 43,000 jobs. Wages for STEM and STEM-Related occupations are higher than the average wage for all occupations. The average 2020 wage for all occupations in Missouri is $50,140, while the average wage for STEM and STEM-Related occupations is $79,441. Education is the key to meeting the demand for STEM and STEM-Related workers. Of the 178 STEM and STEM-Related occupations in Missouri, 173 require some level of postsecondary education. Most occupations typically require a bachelor’s degree (69 occupations) or a master’s degree and beyond (73 occupations). Additionally, 30 occupations require an associate degree, five occupations require a high school diploma or equivalent, and only one occupation requires some college, no degree.


Leadership Northeast Missouri concludes fifth year – 19 regional leaders graduate

Northeast Missouri (November 2023) – Leadership Northeast Missouri recently held their 2023 graduation ceremony in Edina, Missouri at the Knox County Community Center. Nineteen men and women who live or work in northeast Missouri participated in the fifth year of the leadership development program. Over the last six months, participants traveled to Brunswick, Eoila, Palmyra, Macon, Hannibal, and Edina to learn more about important economic development issues facing the region. Topics included: broadband/agriculture technology, healthcare, transportation and infrastructure, workforce and navigating government systems. Additionally, each Leadership Northeast Missouri session included lessons and discussion utilizing TruColors personality assessment and leadership topics such as communication, diversity, equity, and inclusion, generational intelligence, problem solving and networking. Graduates of the 2023 class of Leadership Northeast Missouri include: Abe Gray, Palmyra; Adam Robinson, Kirksville; Andrew Snyder, Brusnwick; Courtney Baeris, Hannibal; Daren Dowell, Hannibal; Darrin Gordon, Hannibal; Devon Williams, Kirksville; Heather Baker, Macon; Kara Berlin-Bates, Hannibal; Kaylee Paffrath, Moberly; Kellie Dietrich, Hannibal; Kent Embree, Quincy, IL; Lisa Skelton, Shelby County; Loree Quinn, Monroe City; Mathew Munzlinger, Hannibal; Rebecca Miller, Macon; Sarah Clubine, Brunswick; Shelley Oltmans, Canton; Sydney Rice, Brunswick. Leadership Northeast Missouri is a leadership development program designed and launched by Missouri Northeast to build, strengthen and inspire leaders through training and networking experiences. “We saw a need to bring leaders together to help them learn more about our area, the issues, and to connect them with other communities in order to grow together as a region,” said Carolyn Chrisman, Missouri Northeast treasurer. “The program launched in 2018 and was very successful. We are thrilled to report that 2023 was another great program that truly built on the success of the first year. We are looking forward to continuing this important program for many years to come.” The 2024 Leadership Northeast Missouri program application is now available at Program planning committee members for 2023 include: Carolyn Chrisman, Missouri Northeast; Allie Bennett, Northeast Missouri Electric Power Cooperative; Shari Schenewerk, Missouri Department of Development; and Sue Goulder, Macon, MO. About Missouri Northeast Missouri Northeast is the regional economic development organization in northeast Missouri. Missouri Northeast was founded in 2006. The main goals of Missouri Northeast are to increase capital investment in the region, create jobs and market the region for new business recruitment as well as retention and expansion of existing industry. Members of Missouri Northeast work together on legislative initiatives, labor studies, leadership development and other local and regional economic development projects.


Missouri Farmland Values Opinion Survey Results

Buyers paid more for Missouri farmland in 2023, according to the annual Missouri Farmland Values Opinion Survey from University of Missouri Extension. More than 300 responses were collected from Missouri lenders, farmers, rural appraisers and others familiar with Missouri land values in October 2023. Survey respondents gave estimates of land values for three classes of cropland and pastureland (good, average, poor), irrigated cropland, timberland and hunting/recreational land. Values for cropland, pasture, timber and hunting/recreational land all increased from 2022 to 2023, according to survey results. Hunting/recreation land had the largest statewide increase of value at 14%, followed by “average” and “poor” pastureland, both with 11% increases from 2022. This year’s respondents reported the statewide average of “good” nonirrigated cropland at $8,631 per acre, a $313 (4%) increase from 2022. The statewide average of irrigated cropland was estimated at $9,678 per acre, a $534 (6%) increase from 2022. “Survey results from 2023 suggest that land values tend to be highest in the state’s urban areas and lowest in the south-central region,” said Juo-Han Tsay, MU Extension assistant professor and survey organizer. “Our results also indicate that, although cropland values increased in 2023, the percentage change was less pronounced than the 31% increase reported in our 2021-2022 survey.” Respondents indicated rising interest rates applied downward pressure to farmland values; limited land available for sale and strong investor demand were indicated as factors pushing up the price of land in Missouri. “Looking ahead, our survey respondents forecast land prices to increase in 2024,” said Tsay. “Interestingly, urban land prices are expected to increase the least, while land values in the west region of Missouri are estimated to increase anywhere from 11% to 14% next year.” The Missouri Farmland Values Opinion Survey offers insights to landowners, potential buyers and others involved in the agricultural industry. Because no government or public agencies in Missouri require the reporting of land sale transactions, it can be challenging to understand current prices and forward-looking projections for the state’s farmland values. “The insights from our annual Missouri Farmland Values Opinion Survey are critical for a variety of programs and stakeholders, and we are excited to keep collecting responses each year,” said Ryan Milhollin, MU Extension agricultural economist. “Data from the annual Missouri Farmland Values Opinion Survey supplements state-level estimates published by USDA and can give stakeholders more clarity into the uniqueness of land value trends across Missouri.” For more Missouri Farmland Value Opinion Survey results, including regional breakdowns and results from previous years, visit


This February MU will be launching their 3-day intensive program jointly offered by the University of Missouri- Columbia’s College of Engineering and the Missouri Training Institute. The Leadership Institute is ideal for the heavy civil, commercial, or industrial construction industries and is a great opportunity for employers looking to invest in their employee’s professional growth. Over 11.9% of Missouri job postings in the construction industry in 2022 were for construction managers.

The Leadership Institute is designed to meet this demand for construction managers by supporting employers with growth from within. Leadership Institute Participants will engage in workshops to enhance their supervisory skills and gain fundamental knowledge in construction contracts, estimating, planning and scheduling, construction safety, and workforce trends and issues directly impacting the construction industry. Registration is open and spots for the 2024 Leadership Institute cohort are limited. PDHs are available.

Visit the Construction Management Leadership Institute for more information.

Program Dates:

Wednesdays, February 7, 14, and 21 in Columbia, Missouri.

Daily schedule from 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Closing ceremony and networking reception on February 23.


Year in Review - 2023

As we approach the close of another year, it brings us great pleasure to extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for your unwavering support and commitment to the Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation (MAEDC). 2023 has been a year filled with remarkable achievements, growth, and transformation, and it is thanks to your partnership that we continue to advance and shape the economic landscape of our community. You can find some of the key highlights from this year in the attached flyer.


Nominate Your Favorite Small Business!

National Small Business Week Awards celebrate the contributions of exceptional entrepreneurs, small business proprietors, and community members across all 50 states and U.S. territories.

The submission deadline for 2024 is December 7, 2023, at 4:00 p.m. ET.

The recipients of the national awards will be unveiled as part of National Small Business Week, which takes place from April 28 to May 4, 2024.




Thank You Industrial Club Sponsors!

The collective efforts of our Industrial Club members have not only strengthened our organization but have also had a profound impact on the lives of countless individuals in our community. Together, we have been able to generate job opportunities, enhance workforce development, and foster an environment conducive to innovation and prosperity.




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