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Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation Announces the Appointment of Randy Asbury as President

Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation (MAEDC) announces the appointment of Randy Asbury to become the organization’s president effective December 1. Asbury has been in the role of interim president since the September departure of his predecessor, Michael Bugalski.

“The MAEDC board is excited to announce Randy’s appointment as president,” stated MAEDC Board Chairman J.B. Waggoner.

“Randy is well known in both Howard and Randolph counties bringing with him strong and established relationships plus the skills and experience needed to move MAEDC forward in our current economic development environment.”

Asbury’s first task will be to lead the organization as it embarks on a strategic planning initiative to determine its future priorities and efforts. Since COVID-19, the worlds of economic development and businesses have experienced numerous “new norms”. Multiple issues confront each community including workforce and housing shortages, workforce development and retention, ongoing supply chain issues, and overall economic uncertainty. MAEDC desires to identify the most effective means to successfully navigate these critical issues in the coming months and years to offer the communities and businesses it represents the best possible standard of living and opportunity for success.

Prior to joining MAEDC, Asbury represented the counties of Chariton, Macon, and Randolph in the Missouri Legislature. He was also a Randolph County western district commissioner for four years. At the same time, he was a fifteen-year executive director for the Coalition to Protect the Missouri River, where he advocated for agricultural, navigational, and energy entities in Missouri and the Midwest.

Asbury stated, “Teamwork and strong partnerships will be required to effectively meet the challenges facing all rural communities. MAEDC desires to play an instrumental role in the development and strengthening of local communities and businesses but clearly recognizes it is only one piece of a much larger puzzle.

“I look forward to working with the leaders within our community sphere to identify and successfully bring to fruition the projects best suited for them. We are fortunate to have already existing relationships that I feel will only improve and become more effective as we work side-by-side into the future.”

MAEDC works to promote investment within Howard and Randolph counties through expansion of existing businesses, new business attraction, community development, and entrepreneurial development.


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