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Scrap Tire Surface Material Grants - Application Period is Open!

Yellow Playground

The Scrap Tire Surface Material Grant is an excellent opportunity for local governments, non-profit organizations, schools, and park districts in Missouri to receive financial assistance for their projects while promoting sustainability and recycling in the community. By using tire-derived surface material, organizations can reduce waste, save money, and create a safer environment for their communities.

The Scrap Tire Surface Material Grant is Now Open!

During the 2019 legislative session, the Missouri General Assembly reauthorized the 50-cent scrap tire fee applied to the retail sale of every new tire. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is authorized to distribute up to 45% of the revenues generated from the fees for grants focused on scrap tire market development. This program offers grants for the cost and delivery of scrap tire material for surfacing projects and projects that use a product made from at least 40% Missouri-generated scrap tires.

  • Non-Playground Scrap Tire Material Grants - Running tracks, walking trails, equine/ livestock stalls/ riding areas, benches, picnic tables and other similar types of surfacing projects or molded products.

  • Playground Scrap Tire Surface Material Grants - Playground mats or surfaces only.

The department offers and awards grants each year. A notice of funding availability is made, typically in the spring or summer, based on funds generated for that year.

Who can apply?

Public schools, private schools, parks, non-profit day care centers, other non-profit organizations and governmental organizations other than state agencies are eligible to submit applications.

Recipients who have received a playground or non-playground scrap tire material grant(s) within the last 10 years are ineligible, unless expanding a prior surfaced area is planned or a different location/ area will be surfaced. Privately-owned businesses and organizations, residential backyard areas and private in-home day care centers are not eligible.


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