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About Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation (MAEDC)

Established in 1988 with a resolute vision for growth and prosperity in Moberly and Randolph County, MAEDC stands as a dynamic 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization. Operating as a robust public/private partnership, our mission revolves around stimulating fresh investment within our region to elevate the quality of life for our citizens.

In a significant expansion of our mission's scope, Howard County became a valued addition to our efforts in 2013, fostering a unified two-county partnership that embodies progress.

Our Impact

MAEDC's enduring impact reverberates through the success stories of myriad local businesses. Our organization has played a pivotal role in bolstering existing companies, guiding them through expansion opportunities, and seamlessly facilitating new business investments within our thriving area.

Thriving Industries

Within the MAEDC realm, several industries shine as pillars of strength. Agriculture, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics form the backbone of our economic landscape. In Randolph County, a constellation of distribution centers complements a robust manufacturing sector, painting a picture of industrious growth.

The prominence of manufacturing and agriculture resonates equally in Howard County, where the partnership extends its beneficial touch. Furthermore, MAEDC proudly contributes to the tapestry of local communities by nurturing the growth of small businesses, including those nestled in the charming downtown areas.

Join Us in Our Endeavors

As we navigate the currents of economic progress, MAEDC invites you to become part of our story. Collaborate with us to fuel growth, empower local enterprises, and uplift the regions we serve. Together, we forge a path toward prosperity that spans counties, industries, and ambitions.

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