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Howard County was created under an act of the general assembly, approved on January 13, 1816. It was named for Benjamin Howard, first Missouri Territory governor. Howard County was the ninth organized county in the Missouri Territory and was created from the counties of St. Louis and St. Charles.

Howard County was one of the several counties settled mostly by southerners along the Missouri River. Given their culture and traditions, this area became known as Little Dixie and Howard was the heart.

An ideal central location for business, Howard County is within two “truck days” of ninety percent of the United States – meaning your semi shipment is just two days away from the majority of your customers.

Kansas City is two short hours away from the town of Fayette, and a drive to St. Louis takes just two and a half hours. There are six major highways in Howard County. They are: U.S. Route 40, Route 3, Route 5, Route 87, Route 124, Route 240.

Labor Data

The MAEDC Region Workforce is robust and diverse, ready to serve a variety of industry and business sectors. Our region is a net labor magnet, drawing in workers from outside of the two-county area. It has a diverse skill set from, highly technical workers to skilled labor, to entry-level labor.


We have one of the lowest cost of labor in the United States and Missouri. We have recent reports to verify the data from a supply side and a demand side. Reports that include primary research data, with granular information for potential and current employers.

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