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Generous incentives are available from local, state and federal governments to encourage new investment in the MAEDC Region. Incentives range from refundable and saleable tax credits to abatement and low cost land options; and can make a huge difference in your overall cost of business. Start building a customized incentive package with one of our friendly staff members. Contact Us.

  • State Incentives: Incentives provided from the state of Missouri.

  • Local Incentives: Incentives from the local counties and municipalities.

  • HUBZone: A federal program that qualifies you for deference in government contracts.

  • Missouri Works

  • REDL REDG: USDA loan program for communities under 2,500. For telecom, computer network and job creation.

Local Incentive Programs

Local incentive programs are available for new or expanding businesses.

Local incentive programs are discretionary. Eligibility varies with individual programs and is based on the company’s core business operations.

Funding Limits
Funding limits are determined based upon the project’s minimum capital investment, number of new jobs created and level of employee compensation.

Application/Approval Procedures
MAEDC must first offer program benefits in the form of a formal proposal. The company must return the accepted proposal within 90-days of the proposal date. All incentives must be approved prior to the start of construction, purchase of equipment or hiring of new personnel.

Enhanced Enterprise Zone
Real and Personal Property Tax Abatements
Low Cost/No Cost Land Options
Build to Suit Scenario/Bond Financing
Waiver of Municipal Fees & Charges
Negotiable Local Utilities; Utility Credits for FTE Jobs
Streamlined Permitting Process
Sales & Use Tax Abatements on Building Materials and Equipment
Assistance with Infrastructure Improvements
Foreign Trade Zone Program
HUBZone Program
USDA/SBA Loan Guarantee Programs
New Market Tax Credit Financing Program
Customized Training Opportunities
Incentives Coordination and Assistance
Facilitation of Permitting Process and Approvals

State Incentives

Advanced Industrial Manufacturing Zones Act

As a means to develop or redevelop areas identified by the port authority board of commissioners, this program establishes the Port Authority AIM Zone Fund consisting of 50% of the state withholding tax from new jobs within the zone after development or redevelopment has begun.


Affordable Housing Assistance Tax Credit Program

Helps communities meet low-income housing needs by providing tax credits to non-profit, community-based organizations for the purpose of providing affordable housing assistance activities or market rate housing in distressed communities.

Amateur Sporting Contribution Tax Credit

This program helps provide funding to local organizations, such as convention and visitors bureaus, to help attract sporting events to this state. Donors can make contributions to the organizations and receive a tax credit.

Amateur Sporting Tax Credit Program

This program provides local community organizations incentives to help those organizations secure location of amateur sporting events in their communities. 

Brownfield Remediation Program

As a means to redevelop contaminated commercial/industrial sites, this program provides financial benefits for remediation purposes. These projects must result in the creation of at least 10 new jobs or the retention of 25 jobs.

Business Facility Headquarters Tax Credit Program

New or existing Missouri companies looking to embark on locating or expanding their headquarters in the state may be able to access incentives based on the number of news jobs and investment associated with the project.

Business Services

We're here to do more than help you fill a position. Workforce Coordinators are located around the state to work with you at no cost to ensure you find the right person for the job. Let us help increase your hiring success and connect with regional and statewide resources to meet your workforce needs and make your business more successful. 

Business Use Incentives for Large-Scale Development (BUILD)

To help companies embark on major investment and job creation expansions, provides low-interest loans to qualified borrowers through the issuance of tax-exempt revenue bonds for the acquisition, construction, and equipping of qualified manufacturing production facilities and/or equipment.

Chapter 100 Guidance for Local Governments

These state sales tax exemptions are approved based on the local economic development agency’s discretion and allow a community to compete for a business project against another state. This program would need to be combined with additional local incentives and the project would need to produce above-average wages with benefits.

Chapter 100 Sales Tax Exemption, Personal Property

DED provides a state and local sales tax exemption on tangible personal property leased by the Company from the City/County.


A regularly updated listing of resources for businesses and communities impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Cultural Facility Revenue Bond Program

Financing that helps communities develop cultural facilities such as museums and recreational buildings for charitable organizations. The program can be used to acquire land, purchase equipment, construct a building, fund architectural and engineering needs, and make improvements to existing facilities.

Data Center Sales Tax Exemption Program

The purpose of the program is to incentivize the location and expansion of data centers in the State of Missouri by providing an exemption, for a period of time, of the sales and use taxes associated with a variety of activities necessary to build a new facility or expand an existing facility.

Applications are accepted year round.

Downtown Preservation

Improve the cultural heartbeat of your community by redeveloping your downtown. Re-polish those blighted Main Streets and Broadways that help define your town and reinvigorate tourism.  

Applications are accepted year round.

Employment Transition Team (ETT) or Rapid Response

To help alleviate unemployment and economic distress resulting from business closings or cutbacks; and to facilitate the creation of new jobs to replace those lost.

Enhanced Enterprise Zone Tax Credits (Information for Businesses)

Businesses with an existing award of tax credits through the Enhanced Enterprise Zone program seeking to gain access to those benefits should submit the Annual Tax Credit Application to the department no later than the end of the tax year immediately following the tax year for which they are seeking benefits.  

Enterprise Zone Tax Benefit (Information for Businesses)

No new authorizations may be made for this program. The Enterprise Zone program was replaced by the Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ) program (view a full list of Missouri's EEZs). Enterprise Zone designations are expected to expire as the duration is not to exceed 25 years. Projects with previous authorizations may complete their projects and may still achieve the program benefits subject to the program rules and any terms and conditions of their original award.

Film Production Tax Credit

The Film Commission attracts film, television, video and cable productions to Missouri, and to promote the growth of the film and video production industry within Missouri. The Commission operates a full-service office devoted to saving filmmakers time, effort and money in arranging a shoot. 

Foreign Labor Certification

The H-2B Foreign Labor Certification Non-Agricultural program allows employers to bring foreign non-immigrant workers to the United States to fill temporary, non-agricultural jobs.

Global Market Access Program

Connect with customers around the globe! By accessing financial assistance, you can participate in trade shows and missions and market your products to a worldwide audience.

Grow Missouri Loan

Facilitate the funding of an expansion project that would be unlikely to occur without the Grow Missouri Loan in order to create or retain full-time jobs for targeted businesses.

Historic Preservation

Preserving our state’s history and culture is vital to growing the economy and attracting talent. This program incentivizes developers to maintain the integrity of our historic buildings, giving them new life.

Innovation Development Entrepreneurship Advancement (IDEA) Funds

Have the next big idea in tech or innovation? This co-investment program provides early-stage capital to help startups leverage and attract private investments necessary to fund product development, commercialization, or to hire key staff to help your startup grow.

Investor Tax Credit (for low-income housing projects)

Provides a federal tax credit to investors for the construction, or acquisition and rehabilitation of an affordable housing development.

Marketing Matching Grant

The Marketing Matching Grant (MMG) program is designed to increase visitation and tourism spending in Missouri. Approved DMO media projects are reimbursed at 50% up to the approved application amount. The media buying leverage provided through media placement by the Division's ad agency, coupled with the match of state funds, provides meaningful financial incentive to participants and a significant economic benefit to the State of Missouri.

Marketing Platform Development

The Marketing Platform Development (MPD) is a 50/50 matching grant program for one-time marketing investments that will be utilized beyond the fiscal year of the initial investment.  Eligible projects include those that provide for development, improvement or expansion of tourism marketing programs and products designed to increase tourism from outside the area for greater economic impact. Each year, MDT will develop a list of platform project opportunities available for the current fiscal year.

MDFB Single Issue Tax-Exempt Industrial Revenue Bonds

This program is an innovative method of financing (i) the acquisition, construction and equipping of qualified manufacturing production facilities and/or equipment, and (ii) refinancing outstanding tax-exempt bonds. The Tax-Exempt Program provides low interest rate loans to qualified borrowers through the issuance of tax-exempt revenue bonds by the Missouri Development Finance Board.

MDFB Single Issue Taxable Industrial Revenue Bond Program

This program is an innovative method of financing the acquisition, construction and equipping of qualified facilities and/or equipment. All types of retail, commercial and industrial projects qualify for participation in the Taxable Bond Program. The program provides competitive rate loans to qualified borrowers through the issuance of private activity, industrial revenue bonds by the Missouri Development Finance Board.

Meet in Missouri

The Meet in Missouri Act was established by House Bill 1698 to provide a financial incentive for Destination Marketing Organizations to attract major out-of-state conventions to Missouri. The Missouri General Assembly passed the act in May 2016, and it went into effect in August 2016.  Annual funding levels for the Meet in Missouri Act will be determined by the General Assembly.

Missouri Arts Awards

Since 1983, the Missouri Arts Council and the State of Missouri have been honoring our state’s arts heroes—the people who make the arts happen. The annual Missouri Arts Awards celebrate people, organizations, and communities that have made profound and lasting contributions to the cultural and artistic climate of the state. Honorees are selected by an independent panel in six categories: Arts Education, Arts Organization, Creative Community, Individual Artist, Leadership in the Arts, and Philanthropy.

Missouri Arts Council Grants

The Missouri Arts Council provides funding for quality arts programming to eligible applicants that include (but are not limited to)  arts or arts education organizations, chambers of commerce, public libraries, government agencies, youth organizations, public school districts, private K-12 schools, community arts organizations, social service organizations, colleges and universities, and religious organizations. Missouri Arts Council funds may be used for artist fees, artist travel expenses, marketing arts events, project-related educational materials, and more.

Missouri Broadband Grant Program

The Missouri Broadband Grant Program was created in the Revised Statutes of Missouri sections 620.2450 to 620.2458 in 2018. The focus of this grant program is to provide state resources that help providers, communities, counties, and regions invest in building broadband infrastructure in unserved and underserved areas of the state. 

The program is currently not accepting applications.

Missouri Certified Sites Program

If your business is looking to grow, check out Missouri's Certified Sites located throughout the state. Each have been pre-qualified through a standardization process to meet the requirements of industry. For a site visit or more information about a specific location, connect with the specific contact featured on the links below. If you are a community hoping to have your site established and placed on the list, review and submit an application.

Missouri Infrastructure Development Opportunities Commission Program

The Missouri Development Finance Board is authorized to provide local political subdivisions, including public sewer and water districts, with long-term, 3% interest rate loans.

The purpose of this program is to help rural communities with a population of 5,000 or less, and rural districts that have a financial hardship with their infrastructure project, and are unable to obtain financing elsewhere. These loans are to partially fund infrastructure improvements, with priority given to water and sewer projects addressing public health and safety issues.

Missouri Manufacturing Jobs Program

To support Missouri’s manufacturers, the state provided incentives in the form of withholding taxes to expand manufacturing facilities for an existing product. Projects involved a capital investment as well as the creation and/or retention of jobs. This program expired in 2016.

Missouri One Start

Missouri One Start is the state’s premier company training program! Its sole mission is keeping our Missouri companies competitive, by increasing the skills and productivity of our workforce.

Missouri Quality Jobs Program

Facilitate the creation of quality jobs by targeted business projects.

Missouri Touring Performers

The Missouri Arts Council is dedicated to providing performance arts experiences for audiences throughout the state to nurture appreciation for Missouri’s diverse cultural resources. We do this in two ways: we promote touring artists on our directory, and we financially support their performances throughout Missouri (and a five-state region through Mid-America Arts Alliance).

Missouri Works

As the state’s number one incentive tool for expansion and retention, this program helps businesses access capital through withholdings or tax credits to embark on facility expansions and create jobs. This program can also help businesses purchase equipment to maintain its facility in Missouri. Looking for cutting-edge training programs that will get your workforce up to speed? Learn more about our premier workforce training program, Missouri One Start.


Learn about ways your community can embark on renewable energy projects. This program provides financial incentives for public infrastructure for the development of renewable fuel production facility or new generation processing entity facility to spur job creation and agricultural product markets throughout the state.

Applications are accepted year round.

Mutual Fund Tax Apportionment

To stimulate the mutual fund industry in Missouri, this program helps certify investment advisory firms or those providing services on behalf of an investment company, allowing them to utilize a more favorable state income apportionment method for tax purposes.

Applications are accepted year round.

New Markets Tax Credit Program

Provide supplemental funding for investment entities that have been approved for the Federal New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) program in order to direct more funding to Missouri projects. The NMTC program provides state and federal tax credits to investors that make investments into approved funds, which will make investments in eligible projects located in low income census tracks in Missouri. This program does not provide tax credits directly to businesses.

On-The-Job Training

Some jobs require training that is beyond what you receive in a classroom or the experience you may have gained from previous jobs. The goal of On-the-Job Training is to put unemployed individuals back to work earning a paycheck while receiving job specific training, instruction, and real work experience. Training takes place in a real work environment, using the tools, equipment, and materials employees use when fully trained. Upon completion of the training, you will be ready for placement in a long-term position.   

Poetry Out Loud

The annual Poetry Out Loud National Recitation Contest  encourages the nation’s high school students to experience great poetry through participating in a dynamic nationwide recitation competition. This program helps students master public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about their literary heritage. Missouri has participated in Poetry Out Loud every year since the program was founded in 2006 by the Poetry Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).

Private Activity Bond Allocation "Tax Exempt" Bond Cap

Provides lower-interest financing for certain types of projects.

Revenue Bonds

The MDFB Single Issue Tax-Exempt Industrial Revenue Bond Program (the “Tax-Exempt Program”) is an innovative method of financing (i) the acquisition, construction and equipping of qualified manufacturing production facilities and/or equipment, and (ii) refinancing outstanding tax-exempt bonds. The Tax-Exempt Program provides low interest rate loans to qualified borrowers through the issuance of tax-exempt revenue bonds by the Board.

Sales Tax Exemption For Manufacturers

To grow the state’s manufacturing industry, a variety of producers (electrical energy, coal, gas, machinery equipment, chemicals, energy sources, materials, etc), can access a 4.225 state sales tax exemption as well as a local use tax. 

Applications accepted year round.

Small Business Disaster Loan Program

To provide financial assistance and access to capital to businesses impacted by a natural disaster. This may include businesses sustaining direct property damage or local businesses sustaining interruptions to their operations and services because of temporary customer loss, temporary interference with access, or other impacts.


Small Business Incubator Tax Credit

This program helps small business incubators leverage funds to use for working capital and other non-operating expenditures that support new business creation in communities. View a map of the organizations throughout Missouri that participate in this program and provide a variety of services to help entrepreneurs grow. 

Small Business Loan Program

These low-interest direct loans help small businesses take steps toward expanding and creating jobs.

Tax Credit for Contribution

The Tax Credit for Contribution program allows any taxpayer to donate to the Board’s Infrastructure Development Fund in exchange for a tax credit equal to 50 percent of the value of the contribution. State agencies or local governments are then eligible to apply for funding through the collected proceeds of the fund to make public infrastructure improvements.

Wine and Grape Tax Credit

With more than 120 wineries throughout the state, Missouri supports continued growth for our vineyards and wine producers. Through this program, growers and producers can access tax credits for the purchase of new equipment and materials for expanding Missouri’s wine industry.

Applications accepted through October 31, 2017 for eligible expenditures. No new authorizations or issuance of tax credits shall be made after December 31, 2017.

Youth Opportunities Program

The purpose of the Youth Opportunities Program is to broaden and strengthen opportunities for positive development and participation in community life for youth, and to discourage such persons from engaging in criminal and violent behavior.


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