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Randolph County, Missouri

Average Electricity Bills & Rates

Average Price Per KWH                       11.17¢

Average Monthly Electricity Bill          $118.69

Energy Production & Consumption

Total Consumption                  321,076 MWh

Consumption per Capita              12.99 MWh

Randolph County, Missouri Electricity Overview

  • The nationwide average residential rate per kilowatt hour is 14.46 cents, while residents of Randolph County enjoy an average rate that is 15.50% less at 12.22 cents per kilowatt hour.

  • 281.01 megawatt hours of electricity per person are produced using coal in Randolph County. This is 33rd most out of 3221 counties in the United States.

  • Randolph County produces 281.22 megawatt hours per capita per year, making it the 129th highest county out of 3221 counties for production per capita in the nation.

  • Randolph County produces the 33rd highest average of electricity per capita from natural gas out of 3221 counties in the nation, with the fuel accounting for 281.01 megawatt hours a year per capita.

  • In Randolph County, 6,950,721.01 megawatt hours of electricity are generated from non-renewable sources. Randolph County is 5th in Missouri out of 115 counties for total electricity production from non-renewable fuel sources.

  • With 99.92% of Randolph County's total electricity coming from the use of coal, the county ranks 45th out of 3221 counties in the US in total megawatt hours produced from coal.

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Electricity is supplied to the region by

Ameren Missouri

Associated Electric Cooperative - Thomas Hill


Empire District Electric

Boone Electric Cooperative

Macon Electric

Howard Electric

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